Thursday, July 30, 2009

Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons

The sun was out, my mind was
Dark, the heat was getting strong

Dazed and confused, I sat outside,
Knowing something was wrong

I was sitting outside of the pool, never
Aware that it was there.

Then I saw it, and I jumped in; without a
Thought – without a care.

Suddenly I began to drown, and upon my
Wrist I felt a hand.

It was the Guru guiding me, and from
Then on I swam.

At this point I was just learning, not nearly
Able to swim

But as the Guru swam alongside, I found
Support within

Suddenly Maya came along, and took over
My mind

As Maya pulled, I began to cry, and somehow got left behind
At once, the Grace of Waheguru

Came, and shined within my soul
Finally Maya let me go, and finally I felt whole.

O Sikhs of the Guru, Now is the
Time, to cross the world ocean’s tide

Use sat-Naam as your vessel and
Sat-Guru as your guide.

Submitted by: Anonymous Author


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