Friday, December 26, 2008

Upcoming TO Programs + AKJ Smaagam Schedule

Vaheguruu ji ka khalsa, Vaheguruu ji ki fatehh

Below are details on TO AKJ Smaagam which is going on this week.
Here are also some upcoming local TO programs in the upcoming weeks:

AKJ Smaagam -- Dec 22-28 ( for schedule)
Sangat Program -- Dec 28th (Dixie Gurughar --WestHall --4pm-730pm)
AKJ Raaensbayee -- Dec 31 (Old Rexdale Gurughar --7pm-3am)
YorkSSA YKD -- Jan 3rd (Dixie Gurughar -- Hall5 --6pm-2am)
AKJ Raaensbayee --Jan10th (Dixie Gurughar -- Main Hall --8pm-4am)


Here is the remaining schedule for the Smaagam (which started at the beginning of this week):

Dec. 26, 2008:
Aasaa dee Vaar Keertan: 3:00am-11:30am
Rexdale Gurdwara Sahib Sikh Spiritual Centre (9 Carrier Drive)
Main Hall ( 416-746-6666)

Akhand Keertan: 5:30pm-9:00pm
Rexdale Gurdwara Sahib Sikh Spiritual Centre (9 Carrier Drive)
Main Hall ( 416-746-6666)

Dec. 27, 2008:
Nitname and Aasaa dee Vaar Keertan: 3:30am to 11:30am
Rexdale Gurdwara Sahib (Carrier Drive)
Main Hall (416)746-6666

Amrit Sanchaar: 1:00pm
Rexdale Gurdwara Sahib (Carrier Drive)Main Hall
Please contact 647.224.5319 if you plan on attending Amrit Sanchaar Program

Raensabaayee Keertan: 8:00pm to 4:00am
Malton Gurdwara Sahib (905)671-1662

Here is the remaining LIVE BROADCAST schedule for the Smaagam:

Dec. 27, 2008:
Raensabaayee Keertan: 9:00pm to 4:00am
Malton Gurdwara Sahib (905-671-1662)

Link for broadcast:

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Saahib Jee !

I want to meet, the dispeller of darkess who watches the world act in the play of life, the lion who fought a hawk with a sparrow, the sweetest of sweets who would kill a hundred thousand men with the smallest expense of energy, whose eyes would look into yours with so much love as to never blink, who brought from the ceremonial fire of cowardice the deity of the blade, the knower of all hearts, of all time, of all life, the father of four dead sons who gave birth to millions, the warrior in the plumed turban, who bowed to his disciples, loved those who deserted him, sits in each and ever particle of existence waiting for a realisation... If i can meet him, anything is worth enduring.

By: Unknown

Saturday, December 13, 2008

UTM SSA YKD - FRIDAY, December 19th @ 6pm - Old Rexdale Gurughar‏

Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh

The UTM SSA humbly requests your sangat to Youth Kirtan Darbar as we sing the glorious praises of our beloved lord.

When: FRIDAY December 19th 2008.

Where: 47 Baywood Road, Etobicoke Ontario. (Old Rexdale Gurudwara)
Main intersection Mars Road and Highway 27.

Program starts at 6 PM.

Please feel free to spread the word to family and friends.

UTM SSA awaits your darshan.

Akal Ji Sahai

Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ke Fateh !

Thursday, December 4, 2008

-=December2008 - Site Updates=-

Vaheguruu ji ka khalsa, Vaheguruu ji ki fatehh

With Guru saahibs kirpa it has almost been a year since the launch of SikhVibes and sevadaars have contributed well over 100GB of rare kirtan material. Any more suggestions would be welcomed by sending us an email to

It has been a while since we last updated sangat about new uploads on our site, so here they are by section:

Kirtan Section
- **NEW** rare RAAG files by various gurmukh pyaarai kirtanees!
- we will be adding up more new RARE raag/akj files !
- many AKJ smaagams up from TO/Julandhar/Dyalpur/Phagwara and others!
- AKJ Gursikhi Jeevan Camp - August
- latest TO Youth Kirtan Darbars (YKDs) - waterloo/london
- new Sadh Sangat Smaagams
- weekly weekend sangat programs in brampton!
- other various local programs!
- and much much more !
(updated many times a week)

Gallery Section
- TO AKJ Raaensbayee - Guru Nanak Dev Jees Gurpurb - Dixie Gurughar
- WaterlooYKD - November
- LondonYKD - November
- AKJ Raensbayee - Dasmesh Gurughar - October
- and more !

Video Section
- new videos added, more to come!
- please check our videos on googlevideo, type/search in!

Vaheguruuu ji ka khalsa, Vaheguruu ji ki fatehh

Wednesday, November 26, 2008






By: Teji Kaur (NY)

Friday, November 21, 2008

17th Adutti Gurmat Sangeet Sammelan-2008 - Live Broadcast

Adutti Gurmat Sangeet Sammelan
started yesterday, Thursday 11/20/08 at 7PM,
for those of you at home watching the live broadcast.
Here are the timings for the live broadcast for EST; those who need timings for another time zone use

Eastern Standard Time (Toronto):
Thursday, November 20, 2008 - 7:30PM to 11/21-12:30PM (EST)
Friday, November 21 2008 - 7:30PM to 11/22-12:30PM (EST)
Saturday, November 22, 2008 - 7:30PM to 11/23-12:30PM (EST)

Indian Standard Time:
Friday, November 21, 2008 - 5AM to 11PM (IST)
Saturday, November 22, 2008 - 5AM to 11PM (IST)
Sunday, November 23, 2008 - 5AM to 11PM (IST)
Please join in Live Broadcast at the following link:

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dhan Guru Dhan Guru Pyaarai !

These two octogenarians remember Guru Granth Sahib by heart
Source: Times of India
Publication: Times Of India Chandigarh
Date:Oct 27, 2008
Section:North India
Page Number:4

IP Singh TNN

Jalandhar: When others are busy in the hustle-bustle of the celebrations of Guruta Gaddi Diwas, there are two octogenarians, with rare glow on their faces, who are quietly engaged in the recitation of Gurbani. The astonishing part is that they remember by heart almost the entire holy book spread over 1,430 pages. Just consider the vastness of the scripture. According to SGPC website, Guru Granth Sahib contains 5,894 hymns and the number of stanzas are 15,575.

The first one is Bhai Jiwan Singh, who lives near the Golden Temple and gets the oppotunity to listen to the continuous kirtan and the second one is Bhai Surat Singh, known as “Pooran ji”, who starts his daily routine of “path” just around midnight.

“It is not yet known about any other surviving member of the community who has been able to memorize the vast holy book. There were some more such persons but they were not alive,” says Balwinder Pal Singh, editor of a journal.

Remaining reticent and epitomizing humility the two prefer not to make any such claim or even discuss it but those who know them reveal their accomplishment. “Just read out one line from any hymn and both will complete it,” says Ranjodh Singh, co-editor of another journal, who knows the two quite well.

A revered spiritualist in the Sikh community, Bhai Jiwan Singh has travelled extensively around the world. However, for the last couple of years, as age took over him, he remains confined to his house.

“In which ever house he went kirtan started emanating,” says Jaswinder Singh Khalsa, an NRI living in UK, who is also chairman of the Sukrit Trust and owes change in his life to the spiritualist.

“He not just transformed lives but also played a role in starting several welfare projects,” reveals Harkirat Singh, former GM of Coal India and now trustee of Satnam Sarb Kalyan Trust, which was got started by Bhai Jiwan Singh.

About Pooran ji, who retired as district manager of the FCI, his son-in-law Kuljit Singh revealed that after retiring to his bed at around 7.30 pm he gets up at 10.45 pm. Then after a bath he goes to Darbar Sahib around 11.45 pm and just after midnight he along with some other devotees starts recitation of Gurbani at the “parikarma”. “Then he goes to the sanctum sanctorum when its doors open after 2 am and after listening to kirtan he returns. He remains engrossed in reciting “path” in the day also,” he disclosed, adding that “he can listen to kirtan for continuous 12 hours.”

FAITH ON MEMORY: Bhai Jiwan Singh Jee (left); Bhai Surat Singh Jee (right)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Saahib Jee !!

The Mist cleared and the Sun shone everywhere...

Thursday 13th November 2008, marks the 539th Prakaash divas (birth date) of Guru Nanak Dev jee, the founder of the Sikh faith. Happy gurpurb to everyone. May Guru jee bless everyone with Gursikhi Jeevan and eternal love for Waheguru.

ਸੁਣੀ ਪੁਕਾਰਿ ਦਾਤਾਰ ਪ੍ਰਭ ਗੁਰੂ ਨਾਨਕ ਜਗ ਮਾਹਿ ਪਠਾਇਆ ॥
sunee pukaar daataar prabh guru naanak jag mahi patthaaeiaa.
The benefactor Lord listened to the cries (of humanity) and sent Guru Nanak to this world.

(Bhai Gurdaas jee)

Mist of Darkness
According to Gurmat there are two types of bodies - the physical body (asthool sareer) and invisible internal body (sooksham sareer). As the internal body is a spiritual being and not physical matter, scientists have not acknowledged it. When there is mist, one cannot see where one is going. In thick fog people are more likely to have car accidents because they cannot see ahead of them.

Humanity Crying
Leading up to the birth of Guru Nanak Dev jee, the world was covered in heavy mist. When the five vices - lust, anger, greed, emotional attachment, and ego - go out of control, then the inner body gets covered with mist and darkness of corruption. At first a human being commits individual acts (karams) fuelled by vices, then it becomes habit which leads to it becoming the individual's character (sanskaar). When vice and corruption become part of one's character then one feels no shame and they see no wrongness in their wickedness and sinful actions. The repeated actions leaves an imprint on the soul. Humanity was crying out as its spirituality was lost and people became blind in the mist of Maya (materialism) and the five vices.

Clearing the Mist
Mist can only be cleared with light, however a small light like a lamp or torch would not be able to do this. In order to clear the heavy mist, the Sun must shine. When the Sun shines the morning mist clears. A small diva (oil-lamp) can only light one house and provide light to a few people, but it would not be able to clear the mist. There could be hundreds of divas (oil-lamps) and still the mist would not clear. In the world, there were many changing religious leaders, holy-men and prophets, however their light was not enough to illuminate the world's spiritual darkness.

The Divine Light Shines
The changing religious leaders and world prophets provided some light to the people but were like divas (oil-lamps) and were limited in their light. The Sun itself had to shine to clear the mist of spiritual darkness, Waheguru Himself had to shine His Light in the world and give spiritual enlightenment to everyone. The Sun, unlike a lamp or torch, shines everywhere indiscriminately. "With the emergence of the True Guru, Satguru Guru Nanak, the mist cleared and the light scattered all around. As if at the sun rise the stars disappeared and the darkness dispelled" (Bhai Gurdaas jee). Although the Sun shines everywhere, if someone is sitting inside with the curtains drawn, they prevent themselves from experiencing the Sun. Guru Nanak Dev Ji was born in 1469, and Waheguru manifested His Light within him and revealed Himself to the world through the Satguru. "Waheguru placed Himself within the Satguru (True Guru); revealing Himself (to the world), He declares this openly" (Ang 466, SGGS). The fortunate ones, opened their hearts and allowed the Divine Light of the Waheguru to change their lives.

ਸਤਿਗੁਰ ਨੋ ਸਭੁ ਕੋ ਵੇਖਦਾ ਜੇਤਾ ਜਗਤੁ ਸੰਸਾਰੁ ॥
Saṯgur no sabẖ ko vekẖḏā jeṯā jagaṯ sansār.
All the living beings of the world see the True Guru.

ਡਿਠੈ ਮੁਕਤਿ ਨ ਹੋਵਈ ਜਿਚਰੁ ਸਬਦਿ ਨ ਕਰੇ ਵੀਚਾਰੁ ॥
Diṯẖai mukaṯ na hova▫ī jicẖar sabaḏ na kare vīcẖār.
(However) One is not liberated by merely seeing (the Satguru), unless one contemplates the Shabad (Divine Word).
(Ang 594, SGGS)
Vaheguruu ji ka khalsa, Vaheguruu ji ki fateh !!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Dawn of Guru Nanak

The Dawn of Guru Nanak
Edited & Translated by
Harjinder Singh

Sri Guru Nanak Dev Jee came to this earth in mortal form 539 years ago and Sikhs all over the globe will be celebrating the arrival of Guru Nanak on the 13th November. But why did Guru Nanak need to come to the earth?

The benefactor Lord listened to the cries (of humanity) and sent Guru Nanak to this world ... Guru Nanak came to redeem humanity in Kalyug. (Bhai Gurdas Jee)

The path of righteousness had become clouded by ritualistic and hypocritical practices and the true path to self-realisation was very hard to decipher. Sri Guru Nanak Dev Jee came and roared like a lion in the wilderness of the world and reinstated true practice of faith. He put Hindus & Muslims back on to their respective paths of self-realisation, no faith was denounced. He founded the Sikh faith which was a pure and simple path to follow.

With the emergence of the True Guru Nanak, the mist cleared and the light scattered all around. Similar to the rising sun, the stars and darkness were dispelled. With the roar of the lion in the forest, the flocks of escaping deer cannot now survive (the escaping deer are evil-doers). Wherever Baba Nanak put his feet, a religious place was erected and established. All the siddh-places now have been renamed on the name of Nanak. Every home has become a place of righteousness where the praises of the Lord are sung. Baba Nanak liberated all four directions and nine divisions of earth. Gurmukh (Guru Nanak) has emerged in this Kalyug, the dark age.

Sri Guru Nanak Dev Jee met Kaljug (Kaljug is the name given to this present era that we live in, an era that is dominated by sin and evil actions), when on his revolutionary tours. This historical account of this meeting was written by the great Sikh Poet Bhai Santokh Singh Jee in “Guru Nanak Parkash” the following is the translation of the summary that Giani Gian Singh has written of the story:

Sri Guru Nanak Dev Jee was on his missionary tour, when He and Bhai Mardana Jee took a rest. Upon being seated, a frightful storm began, this storm was carrying much debris and the whole sky and surrounding area was shroud in darkness. Nothing at hands length could be seen, such was the force of the storm. Bhai Mardana Jee put a cloth over his mouth and lay down on the ground. He said to Guru Jee, “If I die at this dreadful spot I won’t even get my funeral rites carried out and won’t even be buried, travelling with you I have encountered much suffering.” Guru Jee laughed and said, “Why are you scared, nothing will harm you.”

Then a frightful demon appeared, whose head was in the sky and his feet were implanted deep into the earth, his nostrils were deep like a well and he had long teeth, he was gigantic, he made his way towards Guru Jee. Bhai Mardana Jee getting scared said, “Maharaj! We have survived the storm but now our deaths are almost certain, we won’t survive an encounter with this giant.” Guru Jee calmly replied, “Mardana! He will not come near you, do not be afraid, meditate on Vaheguru.” Then Kaljug changed his form again, now he took the form of fire and smoke emanated from all pores of his physical being. He finally changed his form again into a frightful one, yet Guru Jee remained calm and unconcerned. After all this Kaljug decided that Guru Jee must be a prophet as none of his frightful forms had scared Guru Sahib, and he thus accordingly changed into a man, in the form of a man Kaljug carried a tongue in one hand and a in the other, and he made his way to Guru Jee. Guru Jee said to Bhai Maradana Jee, come along and watch this drama, which is taking place. Kaljug bowed his head to Guru Jee in obeisance and supplicated, “Maharaj! Please forgive me for my mistakes, I did not know of your fame and greatness. In this age I rule, I am in this physical form of a man as I am displaying to you what passions humans are being led by. Humans will disregard all virtue and will be led by passions of the tongue and , and in turn their lives will be dictated by these passions.”

Guru Jee pryingly asked, “Who are you – what is your name? Why have you come to meet us?” Kaljug replied, “My name is Kaljug and I have come to meet you to pay my respects to you, I initially changed into the various forms to test you.” Guru jee further questioned, “What are your characteristics? You said it is your rule in this age, then with what army do you enforce your Rule?”

Kaljug replied, my greatest warrior is falsehood – falsehood carries the flag at the forefront of my army. Worldly attachment is the King of all. My army general is violence and murder. Lust, anger, greed and ego are my warriors on elephant back. Jealousy, gossip, slander, robbery and unfulfilled craving for worldly things – are all warriors on chariots. Laziness, gambling, alcohol/intoxicants and other bad actions are warriors on horse back. Attachment to others, sin of want and steeling are my foot-soldiers. Wherever I make advances with my army, I am always victorious. My warriors of falsehood and anger, have made me victorious everywhere. These are the characteristics of my reign. Upon listening to Kaljugs narration of the current state of the world Guru jee uttered,

Whoever is in charge, is humiliated. Why should the servant be afraid.
(Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee, Limb 902)

The servant is not afraid as he has nothing to lose as he is not the ruler, the servant can freely move about without fear of consequence but the ruler is bound by his rule and duties.

When the master is put in chains? He dies at the hands of his servant.
(Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee, Limb 902)

So Guru Jee said that even if you do rule, it is you (Kaljug) who is also humiliated for these actions in your rule. Guru Jee further said that if it is your rule now and I am the servant of God, when your rule comes to an end it will be due to this servant – Sri Guru Nanak Dev Jee. Kaljug replied that this is the reason I have come to you Maharaj, because there is no difference between you and God, I will give you a house to live in which will be made of Gold and Pearls. In this house I will use sandalwood and will spray musk – where you will enjoy your abode with much happiness. Kaljug begged Maharaj to accept his offering and Guru Jee replied,

If I had a palace made of pearls, inlaid with jewels, scented with musk, saffron and sandalwood, a sheer delight to behold -seeing this, I might go astray and forget You (Vaheguru), and Your Name would not enter into my mind. Without the Lord, my soul is scorched and burnt. I consulted my Guru, and now I see that there is no other place at all. Pause. If the floor of this palace was a mosaic of diamonds and rubies, and if my bed was encased with rubies, and if heavenly beauties, their faces adorned with emeralds, tried to entice me with sensual gestures of love-seeing these, I might go astray and forget You, and Your Name would not enter into my mind. If I were to become a Siddha, and work miracles, summon wealth and become invisible and visible at will, so that people would hold me in awe-seeing these, I might go astray and forget You, and Your Name would not enter into my mind. If I were to become an emperor and raise a huge army, and sit on a throne, issuing commands and collecting taxes-O Nanak, all of this could pass away like a puff of wind. Seeing these, I might go astray and forget You, and Your Name would not enter into my mind. (Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee, Limb 14)

After trying to convince Guru jee to accept the above offerings and not succeeding, Kaljug said, “Maharaj, you have taken birth to liberate people from the cycle of births and deaths. I have come humbly to your feet – why do you make my meeting with you of no reward? You have not accepted any of my offerings – please accept an offering so that I know that you have blessed me. Upon hearing such a humble request Guru jee replied, “If you have a sincere desire to make an offering to me then give me this – that those who are my dedicated Sikhs can not be influenced by the powers of your army. Meditation, charity and Bathing (Physical and Spiritual cleansing) should never be forgotten – you should not stop Sikhs doing these 3 actions in any form. Your powers should not work on those who have faith in me.

Kaljug humbly clasped his hands and said, “Maharaj! I can not refuse your command, but I have God’s permission to change everyone’s thought process – with the changing of which they steel, gossip, lie, slander etc. In line with God’s permission I make the following occur:

• Disrespect the virtuous and make fools famous and powerful.
• Not allow faithful relations between the married.
• Bring the good and bad on a par to one another.
• In my rule those who say they have become Sanyasi’s/Tyagis (ones that have give up all material possession in the search of God) will amass much wealth and gristis/householders will starve to death.

But now, whatever you command me to do, I will do.” Upon hearing this Guru jee was happy and said,

“In your rule God’s praise will increase many fold – a par to 100,000’s of years in Satjug, in Tretajug what would have taken 10,000 years and what would have taken 1000 years in Dvapur (these are references to the other 3 eras of time), in you rule of Kaljug singing the praises of God will be very rewarding and what would have taken many years in the other ages will be realised in very little time and will be the provider of happiness. Those that sing God’s praises with love and devotion will be ferried across the world ocean. If you are persistent about making offerings of jewels then I will accept these in my forth form as the 4th Guru. (Kaljugs’ offerings of money/gold etc are thus accepted at the house of the fourth Guru, Sri Guru Ram Das Jee at Sri Darbar Sahib, also known as The Golden Temple).

Upon hearing this Kaljug was overjoyed, he bowed down to Guru Jee and said that those Sikhs that obey your wishes I will not go near them. Kaljug after granting this concession to Sikhs disappeared and Guru Jee continued on his missionary travels of liberating the world.

Sri Guru Nanak Dev Jee has provided us protection from the influence of Kaljug, now it is up to us as Sikhs to decide whether we want to enter his sanctuary and lead a life devoid of want and enjoy lasting happiness/peace of mind.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween & The Sikhs

Halloween & The Sikhs
by Harjinder Singh

Halloween is a global festival which is cheerfully celebrated with kids trick or treating, people mocking and gimmicking ghosts, ghouls, goblins and demons. For Sikhs on the other hand Halloween carries a real grave significance, of real ghouls and demons, who massacred Sikhs in October and November 1984.

On Halloween, 31st October 1984 – Indira Gandhi the Indian Prime Minister was assassinated. What followed her death was inhumane, depraved and despicable, some call it genocide others ethnic cleansing, I’ll let the readers decide what they feel. The world silently turned a blind eye to these events and rather mourned the death of Mrs Gandhi.

Sikhs were burnt alive, raped, made refugees, murdered on mass, Gurdwaras attacked and Sikh businesses singled out for attacks. All this happened in what Sikhs at the time saw as ‘mother India.’ What was the crime of these Sikhs? What had they done to bring out the demons of Halloween?

The bodyguards of Mrs Gandhi who assassinated her, were Sikhs, so the orchestrated carnage was planned to ‘teach the Sikhs a lesson.’ These children, mothers, daughters, brothers, sisters, fathers and grandparents had no link to the Sikh assassins. In the times of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Jee, Guru Jee saw the destruction of the Mughal ruler Baabar and said,

There was so much slaughter that the people screamed. Didn't You feel compassion, Lord? O Creator Lord, You are the Master of all. If some powerful man strikes out against another man, then no one feels any grief in their mind. But if a powerful tiger attacks a flock of sheep and kills them, then its master must answer for it. This priceless country has been laid to waste and defiled by dogs, and no one pays any attention to the dead (Limb 360, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee)

These words ring true of what happened to Sikhs across India following Mrs Gandhi’s death, to the extent that Guru Sahibs words above aptly describe the attacks on these common, everyday Sikhs. Sikhs were brutally and clinically attacked in cities across India, Delhi, Kanpur, Patna and the list goes on, over 10,000 Sikhs died between 31st October – 3rd November, 1984, many more refugees lived on with nightmares of what they witnessed.

Hitler killed the Jews in gas chambers which were in secret locations but in India Sikhs were killed in public. The Jews have pursued Nazi’s for these genocidal acts, today the culprits of Sikh genocide walk free, let’s try and achieve some justice. Let’s remember these Sikhs and support the surviving families and widows, so the pain of Halloween can be lessened. Please see the links below to start making practical steps in this endeavour;

Genocide of Sikhs:


Human Rights: – Lawyers for Human Rights

Books: Government-organised Carnage, by
Gurcharan Singh Babbar

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Bandi Chhor Diwas !!

Bandi Chhor Diwas

Guru Hargobind being released from the Gwalior Jail along with 52 Rajas, who held the strings attached to the dress of the Guru, hence the Guru was called Bandi Chhod.

Bandi Chhor Diwas (Diwali) is the anniversary of Guru Hargobind ji being released from the prison at Gwalior Fort. In was on this day in 1619 A D. The kind Guru ji refused to leave the fort of his own and demanded release of other 52 Hindu Rajas. The Moghuls being the cunning rulers they were, decided on a compromise. They said all the Maharajas that can hold onto your Chowla (gown) could walk out free along side you. The Sikhs smartly made a special Chowla with 50 long strips and all the prisoners walked free. Guru Hargobind ji is known as Bandhi Chhor because the imprisoned ones (Bandhi) were released (Chhor) by Him. Upon their return to Amritsar grand celebrations were held. Harmandir Sahib ji (Golden Temple) was illuminated and fireworks were displayed. Gurbani Kirtan (Hymns) and prayers were performed.

Guru ji was always prepared to sacrifice his own freedom for the sake of other innocent people. Once Guru ji was accompanying Jahangir, then, a tiger attacked Jahangir. He fired all his shots/arrows but missed attacking on tiger. His accompanying officers failed to respond to his distress call. Brave Guru ji got off His horse and put the tiger to rest with His sword. This incident made Jahangir feel obliged to Guru ji for having saved his life and he began to repent for the sin he had committed by ordering assassination of Guru Arjun Dev ji (Guru ji's father). He visited Guru ji's mother, Mata Ganga ji and apologized for the cruelty. Guru ji demonstrated the extreme and difficult virtue of "forgiveness" when He saved Jahangir's life from an attacking tiger, despite all the hostility and the awful act of ordering assassination of the 5th Guru, Guru Arjun dev ji with an excuse that the latter was a threat to Islam.

Diwali of 1737

Bhai Mani singh transcribed the final version of Guru Granth Sahib upon dictation from Guru Gobind Singh ji in 1704 at Damdamma Sahib. After heavenly abode of Guru Sahib in 1708 he look charge of Harmandir Sahib ji's management. In 1737, invitations were rent to the Sikhs all over India to join Bandi Chhor Diwas celebrations at Harmandir Sahib. A tax of 5000 rupees (some say 10,000) had to be paid to the Mogul governor of Punjab; Zakariya Khan. Bhai Mani Singh Ji later discovered the secret plan of Zakariya khan to kill the Sikhs during the gathering. Bhai Mani Singh ji immediately sent message to all the Sikhs not to turn up for celebrations. Zakariya Khan wasn't happy about the situation and he ordered Bhai Mani Singh ji's assassination at Lahore by ruthlessly cutting him limb-by-limb to death. Ever since, the great sacrifice and devotion of Bhai Mani Singh ji is remembered on the Bandi Chhor Diwas (Diwali) celebration. After knowing the great history of these occasions or festivals, heart wants to say:

Hey Waheguru!
"Raaj Na Chaahayu, Mukti Na Chaahyu
Man Preet Charan Kamlaare"

Oh Wonderful Lord!
I neither desire for empire and material realm nor liberation or mukti,
my soul longs for the love of your lotus feet.

Celebrating Diwali and Lightening a Deeva in true sense is acquiring divine knowledge and being selfless, tolerant, humble, kind and sweet spoken. That leads one to become one with Waheguru (god).

Pray to God on this beautiful occasion of Diwali to give us light,
to give us understanding,
so that we may know what
pleaseth thee,
and may all (all whole mankind)
prosper by the Grace.

What do we learn from Bandi-Chhor Diwas?

52 Hindu Kings were freed with Guru Sahib. Guru Sahib could have left the Fort when he was offered the chance. However, Guru Ji thought of others before himself. Others freedom and rights were more important than his own. Guru Ji is always thinking not of his emancipation but everyone's emancipation. This is the attitude and virtue which Guru Ji filled within his Sikhs, by putting into reality this positive message.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

300 Saal Guru De Naal!

Vaheguruu ji ka khalsa, Vaheguruu ji ki fatehh

On behalf of all Sevadaars,

300 Saal Gurgaddi Divas Diyaa Lakh Lakh Vadiaaeeeyaan!

300 Saal Guru De Naal!

Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee !!!!

bhairo mehalaa 5
Bhairao, Fifth Mehla:

sathigur maeraa baemuhathaaj
My True Guru is totally independet.

sathigur maerae sachaa saaj
My True Guru is adorned with Truth.

sathigur maeraa sabhas kaa dhaathaa
My True Guru is the Giver of all.

sathigur maeraa purakh bidhhaathaa 1
My True Guru is the Primal Creator Lord, the Architect of Destiny. 1

gur jaisaa naahee ko dhaev
There is no deity equal to the Guru.

jis masathak bhaag s laagaa saev 1 rehaao
Whoever has good destiny inscribed on his forehead, applies himself to seva - selfless service. 1Pause

sathigur maeraa sarab prathipaalai
My True Guru is the Sustainer and Cherisher of all.

sathigur maeraa maar jeevaalai
My True Guru kills and revives.

sathigur maerae kee vaddiaaee pragatt bhee hai sabhanee thhaaee 2
The glorious greatness of my True Guru has become manifest everywhere. 2

sathigur maeraa thaan nithaan
My True Guru is the power of the powerless.

sathigur maeraa ghar dheebaan
My True Guru is my home and court.

sathigur kai ho sadh bal jaaeiaa
I am forever a sacrifice to the True Guru.

pragatt maarag jin kar dhikhalaaeiaa 3
He has shown me the path. 3

jin gur saeviaa this bho n biaapai
One who serves the Guru is not afflicted with fear.

jin gur saeviaa this dhukh n sa(n)thaapai
One who serves the Guru does not suffer in pain.

naanak sodhhae si(n)mrith baedh
Nanak has studied the Simritees and the Vedas.

paarabreham gur naahee bhaedh 41124
There is no difference between the Supreme Lord God and the Guru. 41124


Vaheguruu ji ka khalsa, Vaheguruu ji ki fatehh

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Many more things are wrought by prayer than those of which the world can dream…

THE WINTER DAYS were severely cold. In the small dark room in the corner of the house in which she sat, she comforted her brother in her lap. He was severely ill with a lung infection and was unable to speak. He did not let anyone even switch on the lights.

For almost three full days, she sat there in the dark, knowing that she had a Physics exam coming up. But nothing could comfort her more than comforting the lovely, miraculous child who was now lying in his sister's warm lap.

The three days passed. It was now the morning of the midterm examination. Her supposed three days of preparation had passed without her having read a single word, but she felt not even a hint of anxiety or fear. Her mind was completely at rest, filled with the peace of knowing that she had done what she really needed to do. In her heart she knew that she had everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Her mom arrived home at 8:15 that morning, tired from working a night shift. She handed over her brother to her mom and she hurriedly assembled her things. Without even changing her dress she headed to the porch to get her bicycle for the 40 minute ride to college. As she pulled out the bicycle it rolled heavily....What…A rear tyre was punctured! It was too early for any of the shops to be open yet in such cold weather. The sun still would not rise until past 10:00.

Having no choice, she rushed to her friend's home a seven minute walk away. Although her friend was studying at the same college as she, it was already too late. She had left ten minutes before. She asked her friend's mom to lend her her bicycle for a day, but she couldn't find the keys.

Walking back home in the chill morning through the deep dark endless river of fog on the lonely street, she noticed that all the shops on both sides of the street wre shut down. There was not a sign of life. The silence was profound. There was no way to reach the auto-stand 15 minutes away by bicycle. Though she knew she would lose a full year by not sitting for the exam, her mind was still at peace. She felt that nothing could shake her. It was a state of grace. She was now halfway home passing through those lonely streets, and she still enjoyed the feeling of having lost nothing.

Suddenly a polite and sweet voice came through the morning fog, "Daughter, where do you want to go?" As she turned around, to her surprise she saw a rickshaw stopped beside the curb. She stopped at once feeling a little strange. From where had this man suddenly appeared? She had never seen a rickshaw in that colony, and so early in the morning?

Before she could think too much, her eyes caught a glimpse of the rickshaw driver. He was wearing a pearly white robe and had a long white beard which was shining in the faint morning light. A pure white cloth was wrapped on his head. In between his red cheeks crinkled with apparent joy, his heavenly smile was radiant and he seemed surrounded by a bright aura. He looked a completely saintly figure. She had never seen anyone like this before.

But now a feeling of insecurity ran across her mind. She didn't have nearly enough money to pay the driver to take her anywhere near school. She had only 10 dollars and no rickshaw driver would accept that little for such a journey. Despite her insecurity, and knowing that she had no other option at this point, she gathered up her courage and asked softly, "how much?" With a warm smile, the rickshaw man said, "two dollars."

She stood shocked. Was this seemingly saintly man might an immoral person? How could he possibly be asking such a low price? She hesitated, but realizing that this was her only opportunity, she agreed. As she put her foot on the rickshaw, she noticed that it was brand new. It was beautifully decorated with colorful and finely painted flowers and elephants. She had never seen such a wonderful and comfortable rickshaw in her lifetime.

As the rickshaw man started riding through the lonely street, she heard him start murmuring something, Again, doubt arose in her and she wondered, "perhaps he is not a good man after all.". Sitting quite still on the rickshaw, she just squeezed down her fear for a while. The rickshaw man was driving very fast and in two minutes they were on the main road which was much more secure and well lit. Her fear began to subside.

Within less than six minutes, the rickshaw man had taken her to the front of the auto which was preparing to leave for her college. It was the only auto on the well lit road, the formal auto-stand. She stepped down the rickshaw and signaled the auto to stop for her. Averting her eyes, she hurriedly handed her ten dollars to the rickshaw man.. But he waved it away with a smile..The thought came to her that perhaps he did not have any change, since it was so early in the morning.

She turned to the auto driver and asked him to change the ten dollar bill so she could give two dollars to the rickshaw man. The driver looked at her very strangely. She realized that everyone in the auto was staring at her as if she were mad. As she turned her head to look back at the rickshaw, there saw nothing but the streetlights reflecting off the shiny black surface of the road. She gazed back as far as she could standing there clutching her money in her hand.

Stunned, she faintly realized the driver was speaking to her. "Are you coming or not?" She turned to the rother riders. "Did you see the rickshaw?" Everyone just stared at her blankly. No one replied.

Bewildered, she sat down in the auto and 15 minutes later she was in front of her college and as the bell rang at 9:00 am sharp, she was sitting on her seat in the examination hall.

After her examination was over, with six dollars remaining in her pocket, she caught the auto back to the auto stand, and then a rickshaw back to her home where her mother paid the rickshaw driver ten dollars.

Her mom served her food and asked her if everything had gone okay. She slowly recounted the whole incident and expressed her regret that the old rickshaw man had not taken even two dollars for his service. She described how, to her surprise, the rickshaw driver had vanished without a word and how the other people in the auto had stared at her so strangely.

Her mom chuckled and said. "You know dear, that old rickshaw driver was God himself. That's why He wasn't visible to the auto driver and the other people. That's why they looked at you as if you were mad."

Suddenly she felt a pang of regret in her heart and tears filled her eyes. "Why couldn't I recognize Him? Oh, my gosh! I even had bad thoughts about Him!" She wondered if He would forgive her.

Being a science student, she had never believed the story her mom had told her about her brother's miraculous birth.

Her brother had been born prematurely a month early. His lungs were undeveloped and he could not get enough oxygen. The doctors told her mother that the baby would probably survive only twelve hours or so. As that evening approached, the baby's toenails began turning blue from lack of oxygen.

Crying softly, her mother had watched as the nails of his tiny hands turned blue as well. The life was draining from his weak and forlorn cries signaled his approaching death.

His father had left the hospital. He was simply unable to watch his newborn child dying for no apparent reason. Her mom could not help crying and finally she placed her hand on the child's head and started to pray. Her eyes were shut and she looked as if in a trance.

After a half an hour of praying fervently with her whole heart, she told her how she had seen a man with a beautiful white beard, wearing a white robe and a white turban. His eyes sparkled and she saw rays of lights coming from his entire body. He slowly approached, walking between the long lines of beds in the hospital's birthing ward.

He stood beside the child and pointed a finger towards him. Her mother had clearly understood the message,"Life is given to him by God's order (Hukam) and his name should be Hukam." Her mother watched him silently turn and leave the ward.

Suddenly one of the nurses shook her mother's shoulder screaming in joy, "He is coming back to life!" Her mother opened her eyes and saw movement in his tiny. The entire hospital staff gathered to say goodbye to this little one. They were overwhelmed to see this miracle. The most senior doctor, pointed upwards with his index finger and said, "God is great!"

Now, for the very first time, she believed that story. She understood that God can come to this earth to help you when you are alone and helpless. She understood that God is not beyond even becoming a rickshaw puller for a poor creatures like me.

Author's Note: This incident is a true story. It happened to me about 15 years ago. Now I am doing my PhD studies at the University of Sydney. Over this time I have realized how God is completely forgiving and extremely generous. I have experienced His help several times since the incident described in this story. But even with this understanding, every time it happened I was unable to recognize Him and didn't realize until sometime afterward that it was God Himself who had reached out to come to my aid.

- Navdeep Kaur Sandhu (Sydney)


Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Kirtan Updates !

Vaheguruuu ji ka khalsa, Vaheguruu ji ki fatehh

Various new additions in our Kirtan folder including:

- Windsor AKJ Raensbayee - September 2008
- Cambridge YKD - September 2008
- Calgary Sadh Sangat Smaagam - August 2008
- Local Toronto Programs
- and more ! be added this week...

- Detroit Sadh Sangat Smaagam - October 2008
- Delhi Annual AKJ Smaagam - October 2008
- Local House Youth Kirtan - October 2008
- Various Weekend Sangat Programs
- and more !


Friday, October 3, 2008

How to take Hukamnama

Vaheguruu ji ka khalsa, Vaheguruu ji ki fateh !!

Hukamnama is the command of Guru Ji intended for the whole congregation in a congregational session to understand and follow. Therefore when commencing or finishing a congregational session, when doing parkaash (ceremoniously opening Guru Ji) or sukhaasan (when Guru Ji ceremoniously is closed and is taking to Guru Ji's private room) then reading a Hukamnama is essential. Through Hukamnama, the living and speaking soul of Guru Nanak Ji gives us guidance, instruction and blessings.

How to take a Hukamnama step by step:

(1) An Ardaas or standing prayer, should be offered before taking a Hukamnama.

(2) If Guru Ji is covered with a Rumaala Sahib (beautiful fabric draping), then slowly with reverence roll or fold the Rumaala Sahib on itself. It is advisable to tuck the rolled up section of the Rumaala Sahib between the hard cover of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and the Angs on both sides. Ang litterally means 'part' as in part of a body. Each ang is reverently considered to be part of the body of the living Guru, Sri Guru Granth Sahibji

(3) If Guru Ji has not been opened, then when opening Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, the opening angs at the top will be the Hukamnama. If Guru is already open then from the middle of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, lift an equal amount of Angs from one side and the other side, and with both thumbs carefully and randomly select an ang from the middle section of Guru Ji.

(4) Before reciting a Hukamnama, it is common to recite a mangla-chaaran, which means an invocation. We not only invoke the blessing of the Guru but clear our minds that we may read the Hukamnaama with proper attention. This can be a small shabad, salokh or saying 'Satnaam Vaahiguroo' in between opening Guru Ji for the Hukamnama and before reading the Hukam.

Some examples of Mangla-chaarans which are commonly used when taking Hukamnamas are:

Mool Mantar: -
ੴ ਸਤਿ ਨਾਮੁ ਕਰਤਾ ਪੁਰਖੁ ਨਿਰਭਉ ਨਿਰਵੈਰੁ ਅਕਾਲ ਮੂਰਤਿ ਅਜੂਨੀ ਸੈਭੰ ਗੁਰ ਪ੍ਰਸਾਦਿ ॥
"One Universal Creator God. The Name Is Truth. Creative Being Personified. No Fear. No Hatred. Image Of The Undying, Beyond Birth, Self-Existent. By Guru's Grace." (Ang 1, SGGS)

Salokh (couplet):
"Salokh: I bow down, and fall to the ground in humble adoration, countless times, to the All-powerful Lord, who possesses all powers. Please protect me, and save me from wandering, God. Reach out and give Nanak Your Hand. 1" (Ang 256, SGGS)

A pauree (stanza) from a shabad:
ਸਲੋਕੁ ॥ਡੰਡਉਤਿ ਬੰਦਨ ਅਨਿਕ ਬਾਰ ਸਰਬ ਕਲਾ ਸਮਰਥ ॥ ਡੋਲਨ ਤੇ ਰਾਖਹੁ ਪ੍ਰਭੂ ਨਾਨਕ ਦੇ ਕਰਿ ਹਥ ॥1॥
I seek Your Sanctuary - You are my only hope. You are my companion, and my best friend. Save me, O Merciful Saviour Lord; Nanak is the slave of Your home. 312 (Ang 673)

(5) The Hukamnama according to the Rehat Maryada is always from the top left hand side. If the shabad is continuing from the previous ang turn the ang over to the point where the shabad begins.

If the Bani is a Salokh (couplet) or a Pauree (stanza), read the Salokh and the Pauree (if it starts on the previous ang, start from there). The pauree typically at the end of a given Shabad, which is deliniated by the pause or 'Rahao' line, in a shabad contains the central idea of Guru Ji's message. The other stanzas then expound in greater detail on this central theme.

(6) You need to read the first two lines of the Hukamnama twice. Again the Pauree before the "Rahaao" (if applicable) is usually the central idea of the Shabad. The last two lines are then to also read twice (as indication that this is the end of the Hukamnama).

(7) A shabad usually ends with "Nanak" Also you can tell by looking at the numbers following after the line after a given Pauree where you are. The final Pauree contains a number then another number indicating fianlity of the Shabad. Thus Gurbani is organized in a logical way most can follow.


Monday, September 29, 2008



The four candles burned slowly, their ambiance was so soft you could
hear them speak.

The first candle said, "I am Peace, but these days, nobody wants to
keep me lit." Then Peace's flame slowly diminished and went out

The second candle said, "I am Faith, but these days, I am no longer
indispensable." Then Faith's flame slowly diminished and went out.

The third candle spoke, "I am Love and I haven't the strength to stay
lit any longer. People put me aside and don't understand my
importance. They even forget to love those who are nearest to them."
And waiting no longer, Love went out completely.

Suddenly, a child entered the room and saw the three candles no
longer burning. The child began to cry, "Why are you not burning? You
are supposed to stay lit until the end."

Then the fourth candle spoke to the little boy, "Don't be afraid, for
I am Hope, and while I still burn, we can relight the other candles."

With shining eyes the child took the candle of Hope and lit the other
three candles.

Never let the Flame of Hope to go out of your life. With Hope, no
matter how bad things look and are... Peace, Faith and Love can shine
brightly in our lives.

By: Unknown Author

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cambridge Youth Kirtan Darbar - Sat. Sept 27th

Vaheguruu ji khalsa, Vaheguruu ji ki fatehh

Its that time again, where Universities host their local YKDs. First up for September is Cambridge hosted by LaurierSSA, in October its in London by WesternSSA and then Waterloo in November ! More information will be sent out as we get it.

Cambridge YKD
Saturday September 27th

For the convenience of sangat living in the GTA, there will be a bus available at dixie gurdhwara. The bus will be leaving at 5:00p.m. sharp.

1401 Roseville Road
Cambridge, Ontario
(519) 623 – 7972

From Toronto/Ottawa:

Take Hwy 401 WEST towards LONDON
Take exit # 275
Turn LEFT onto FOUNTAIN ST S / HOMER WATSON BLVD – go 0.5 miles
Turn RIGHT onto DICKIE SETTLEMENT RD / RR-71. – go 1.9 miles
Turn LEFT onto ROSEVILLE RD / RR-46 / RR-71. Continue to follow ROSEVILLE RD / RR-46. – go 1.1 miles
Gurdwara is on your RIGHT side

From London:

Take Hwy 401 EAST towards TORONTO
Take the CEDAR CREEK ROAD EAST / RR-97 E exit- EXIT 268A- toward CAMBRIDGE.
Merge onto RR-97 / CEDAR CREEK RD.
Turn LEFT onto DUMFRIES RD / RR-47.
Gurdwara is on your RIGHT side

Previous Recordings/Pics from Cambridge Kirtans are up on !!

Sunday, September 7, 2008



Vegetarianism is the fastest growing trend in the developed world. Here are 21 reasons why you should think about turning green too.

* Avoiding meat is one of the best and simplest ways to cut down your fat consumption. Modern farm animals are deliberately fattened up to increase profits. Eating fatty meat increases your chances of having a heart attack or developing cancer.

* Every minute of every working day, thousands of animals are killed in slaughter-houses. Pain and misery are common. In the US alone, 500,000 animals are killed for meat every hour.

* There are millions of cases of food poisoning recorded every year. The vast majority are caused by eating meat.

* Meat contains absolutely nothing - no proteins, vitamins or minerals - that the human body cannot obtain perfectly happily from a vegetarian diet.

* African countries - where millions are starving to death - export grain to the developed world so that animals can be fattened for our dining tables.

* 'Meat' can include the tail, head, feet, rectum and spinal cord of an animal.

* A sausage can contain ground up intestines. How can anyone be sure that the intestines are empty when they are ground up? Do you really want to eat the content of a pig's intestines?

* If we eat the plants we grow instead of feeding them to animals, the world's food shortage will disappear virtually overnight. Remember that 100 acres of land will produce enough beef for 20 people but enough wheat to feed 240 people.

* Every day, tens of millions of one-day-old male chicks are killed because they will not be able to lay eggs. There are no rules about how this mass slaughter takes place. Some are crushed or suffocated to death. Many are used for fertilizer or fed to other animals.

* Animals who die for your dinner table die alone, in terror, in sadness and in pain. The killing is merciless and inhumane.

* It's much easier to become (and stay) slim if you are a vegetarian. (By 'slim', I do not mean 'abnormally slender' or 'underweight' but rather, an absence of excess weight!)

* Half the rainforests in the world have been destroyed to clear ground to graze cattle to make beefburgers. The burning of the forests contributes 20% of all green-house gases. Roughly 1,000 species a year become extinct because of the destruction of the rainforests. Approximately 60 million people a year die of starvation. All those lives could be saved because those people could eat grain used to fatten cattle and other farm animals - if Americans ate 10% less meat.

* The world's fresh water shortage is being made worse by animal farming. And meat producers are the biggest polluters of water. It takes 2,500 gallons of water to produce one pound of meat. If the US meat industry wasn't supported by the taxpayer paying a large proportion of its water costs, then hamburger meat would cost $35 a pound.

* If you eat meat, you are consuming hormones that were fed to the animals. No one knows what effect those hormones will have on your health. In some parts of the world, as many as one on four hamburgers contain growth hormones that were originally given to cattle.

* The following diseases are commoner among meat eaters: anemia, appendicitis, arthritis, breast cancer, cancer of the colon, cancer of the prostrate, constipation, diabetes, gallstones, gout, high blood pressure, indigestion, obesity, piles, strokes and varicose veins. Lifelong vegetarians visit hospital 22% less often than meat eaters and for shorter stays. Vegetarians have a 20% lower blood cholesterol level than meat eaters and this reduces heart attack and cancer risks considerably.

* Some farmers use tranquillizers to keep animals calm. Other routinely use antibiotics to starve off infection. When you eat meat you are eating those drugs. In America, 55% of all antibiotics are fed to animals and the percentage of staphylococci infections resistant to penicillin went up from 14% in 1960 to 91% in 1988.

* In a lifetime, the average meat eater will consumer 36 pigs, 36 sheep and 750 chickens and turkeys. Do you want that much carnage on your conscience?

* Animals suffer from pain and fear just as much as you do. How would you like to spend your last hours locked in a truck, packed into a cage with hundreds of other terrified animal and then cruelly pushed into a blood soaked death chamber. Anyone who eats meat condones and supports the way animals are treated.

* Animals which are a year old are often far more rational - and capable of logical thought - than six week old babies. Pigs and sheep are far more intelligent than small children. Eating dead animals is barbaric.

* Vegetarians are fitter than meat eaters, many of the world's most successful athletes are vegetarian.


Some quotes:

“It is my view that the vegetarian manner of living, by its purely physical effect on the human temperament, would most beneficially influence the lot of mankind.”
— Albert Einstein

"There will never be any peace in the world as long as we eat animals." -Isaac Bashevis Singer

"If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from injury to animals." -Albert Einstein

"I have no doubt that it is a part of the destiny of the human race, in its gradual improvement, to leave off eating animals." -Henry Thoreau:

"Flesh eating is simply immoral, as it involves the performance of an
act which is contrary to moral feeling: killing. By killing, man
suppresses in himself, unnecessarily, the highest spiritual capacity,
that of sympathy and pity towards living creatures like himself and by
violating his own feelings becomes cruel." "As long as there are slaughterhouses, there will be battlefields." -Leo Tolstoy

"If man wants freedom why keep birds and animals in cages? Truly man
is the king of beasts, for his brutality exceeds them. We live by the
death of others. We are burial places! I have since an early age abjured
the use of meat." -Leonardo-da-Vinci

“My refusing to eat flesh occasioned an inconveniency, and I was frequently chided for my singularity, but, with this lighter repast, I made the greater progress, for greater clearness of head and quicker comprehension.”
— Benjamin Franklin

Meet your Meat ----------------->

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Power of Ardas

During the partition of India and Pakistan, in a remote village near the border in the Western Punjab (Pakistan side), there were few Sikh families who used to go to the local Gurudwara where the head Granthee jee always preached the Guru's word. One night when the riots started, everyone gathered in the Gurudwara. They started asking the Granthee jee if Guru is going to come and rescue them from this.

Granthee jee went in front of the Guru Granth Sahib jee and did the Ardaas. "Hey Sache Patshah, I have always lived by your word. I have always belived and taught everyone Gur Mere Sang Sadda hai Naale. Hey mere Sahib, the time is here where everyone is looking at me and asking me if you will save us. Hey mere Waheguru jee, please show everyone that you are always our Ang Sang. Please save us."

The Granthee jee did the Ardaas and went to the people. Everyone started questioning him, where is your Guru? Where is the one who will save us? The mob started getting near the Gurudwara. Everyone could hear the angry mob and started getting anxious.

Then they heard a truck's voice. Someone looked outside and saw a Gursikh Army officer honking the truck and calling everyone to get in the truck. Everyone ran and sat down in the truck. The Granthee jee looked at the Gursikh and asked him where did he come from? The Gursikh told him that he was here to take everyone to the other side of the border (Indian side). The Singh had a shiny face and he looked very calm. He was constantly reciting the naam and baani. After reaching the Indian side of the Punjab, the Singh took everyone to the Gurudwara sahib where every one got off safely.

Granthee jee thanked the Gursikh and asked him again who he was and where did he come from. The Gursikh told him that his duty was done and it's time for him to go now. After saying Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh, the Gursikh left. Granthee jee started weeping becaause he knew that GurSikh was none other than Sahib Guru Gobind Singh jee himself who heard his Ardaas and came to help him.


Thursday, August 28, 2008


Vaheguruu ji ka khalsa, Vaheguruu ji ki fatehh

Here are the Winners of YUDH International Gatka Tournament that took place this past weekend on Sunday, August 24th in Calgary.


1st: Sukhjinder Singh
2nd: Jarnail Singh
3rd: Gursheel Singh


1st: Amarpreet Kaur
2nd: Amrit Kaur

Pictures from the event are now up on !!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dhan Sri Guru Granth Saahib Jee

bhairo mehalaa 5
sathigur maeraa baemuhathaaj
sathigur maerae sachaa saaj
sathigur maeraa sabhas kaa dhaathaa
sathigur maeraa purakh bidhaathaa 1
gur jaisaa naahee ko dhaev
jis masathak bhaag s laagaa saev 1 rehaao

sathigur maeraa sarab prathipaalai
sathigur maeraa maar jeevaalai
sathigur maerae kee vaddiaaee pragatt bhee hai sabhanee thaaee 2
sathigur maeraa thaan nithaan
sathigur maeraa ghar dheebaan
sathigur kai ho sadh bal jaaeiaa
pragatt maarag jin kar dhikhalaaeiaa 3
jin gur saeviaa this bho n biaapai
jin gur saeviaa this dhukh n santhaapai
naanak sodhae sinmrith baedh
paarabreham gur naahee bhaedh 41124

Bhairao, Fifth Mehl:
My True Guru is totally independent.
My True Guru is adorned with Truth.
My True Guru is the Giver of all.
My True Guru is the Primal Creator Lord, the Architect of Destiny. 1
There is no deity equal to the Guru.
Whoever has good destiny inscribed on his forehead, applies himself to seva - selfless service. 1Pause
My True Guru is the Sustainer and Cherisher of all.
My True Guru kills and revives.
The glorious greatness of my True Guru has become manifest everywhere. 2
My True Guru is the power of the powerless.
My True Guru is my home and court.
I am forever a sacrifice to the True Guru.
He has shown me the path. 3
One who serves the Guru is not afflicted with fear.
One who serves the Guru does not suffer in pain.
Nanak has studied the Simritees and the Vedas.
There is no difference between the Supreme Lord God and the Guru. 41124

Sunday, August 10, 2008

August Sangat Programs - Toronto

Vaheguruu Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguruu Ji Ki Fateh !

Below is a list of Sangat programs happening in August at various locations, mostly in Brampton and Rexdale.

Sant Seva Singh Jee (Rampur Khere Vale) is in Toronto for the month of August. Baba jee is known for his great works, including, "Se Kinehiya", which is on the jeevan of Sant Baba Harnaam Singh Jee Rampur Khere Vale. More information about Baba jee, the sangat and other online resources, please visit:

Baba Jee will be present at all these programs. The programs will consist of Simran, Nitnem, Akhand Kirtan by sangat followed by Katha Vichaar by Baba Jee. Baba Jee is only here until the end of August. Invitations to these programs are open to anyone that would like to come and take laha in sangat. Please refer to the below list (list will be updated as more programs are booked).

For exact directions please use and for further information please contact the phone numbers provided for each program.

Program List:

Please visit

(Recordings from the programs that have already happened are going up here: )

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Am I Normal?

by Gurpreet Singh

Who wants to be normal ?
Was Guru Nanak Dev Ji normal when he walked 82,000 miles ?
Was Guru Gobind Singh ji normal when he asked for a head ?
Were any of the martyrs normal, choosing death than living like slaves ?
No, the devotees of God are not normal they are madly and deeply in love with God while the whole world thinks they are insane ...

When Guru Nanak Maharaj appeared from the river after three days, all soaked and with messy hair, people called him many things as guru nanak dev ji himself writes:

"Some call him a ghost; some say that he is a demon.
Some call him a mere mortal; O, poor Nanak! 1
Crazy Nanak has gone insane, after his Lord, the King.
I know of none other than the Lord. 1Pause" (SGGS jeeo-991)

So on this path to being a Gurmukh, forget about what the world thinks of you, forget about being normal, forget about fiiting in with society, think only of loving God, the Wondrous Creator and go where God takes you

Everyday is new,
every day my Master is New .. "sahib mera nit navaa"
every moment is wondrous,
every second something amazing is happening in the universe.

God is not just the Creator,
God is Karta Purakh...the Creative Being...
God is still the Master Artist
still creating ,
still being young and fresh
brilliant and beautiful,
if being normal means being bored ,
being stuck in another rut ,
then that God is not.

Being in love with God is exciting every day,
everday the love increases
everyday God calls me closer,
everyday the spiritual sun shines
brighter in my heart.

Don't be normal
be different
be in love with God
by loving the Name of your Beloved
swing your arms in joy

"Nanak says: swing your arms in joy!" (SGGS jeeo-22)

smile and laugh
while singing the Name of your Beloved
You are God's and God is Yours !

God says, "If you reform yourself, you shall meet me, and meeting me, you shall be at peace.
O Fareed, if you will be mine, the whole world will be yours."95 (SGGS jeeo-1382)

Khalsa are known to live like shooting stars, sometimes short-lived but always bright, wonderous, energetic and are an awe-inspiring spectacle for the world

Thank WAHEGURU jeeo you are not normal, you are Magnificent !


Friday, July 25, 2008

Dying to the Shabad ...

Dying to the Shabad...

Tulsee Das was a Saint. When he was young he was devoted to reaching God and he struggled slowly on this path. When he got married he was head over heels in love with his beautiful wife, she became the sole reason for his living, everything he did was to please her. One day he surprised her with a gift - she was overwhelmed by his love and said, 'If you were devoted to God half as much as you are to me, I'm sure you would have reached God by now.' The words struck Tulsee Das to the core and his earlier life of devotion came flooding back to his mind, from that day on God became his sole focus once again.

Many years later when Tulsee Das was old and wise and respected by all in the village as a saint, a Brahmin priest came to him. He said to Tulsee Das, 'All my life I've preached and read the scriptures, but I haven't met my Beloved Ram. Tell me what I should do?'. Tulsee Das said, 'It's very simple, all you have to do is climb that tall tree and jump off the branch with full faith that Ram will catch you.'

The Brahmin was inspired and climbed the tree, he sat on the branch and looked down at the hard ground below. No matter how hard he tried he couldn't make the leap. Many hours passed and the Village HeadMan (SarPanch) walked by with a bag of money. Noticing the Brahmin he enquired as to what he was doing. The Brahmin explained that Tulsee Das had said that by jumping off the tree Ram would catch him. The SarPanch who wasn't a religious man quickly said, 'O Brahmin, if you like you may have this bag of money, but give me Tulsee Das's blessing in exchange.'

The Brahmin didn't take too long to think about the offer and was soon off on his way with the bag of money. The SarPanch climbed the tree went across the branch and with full faith in Ram he jumped off. Ram caught him like a baby in its mother's arms.

Sounds too unbelievable to be true? But look for the deeper meaning, there's a very, very important spiritual point to this story. I am like the Brahmin, I do my nitnem prayers and preach to people. I do Waheguru Waheguru meditation and I follow the bits of the Guru's Shabad that I like and ignore the bits that are difficult to apply. I follow half of the Hukam, God's Order, and my life trickles away like this then I wonder why I haven't met Waheguru ji. When my brother comes to me with a great business opportunity my focus becomes how I can make lots and lots of money and in the background I rush my nitnem and Waheguru Waheguru meditation. My life trickles away like this and I wonder why I haven't met Waheguru ji.

But one day with Guru Ji's great kirpa, I hear the story of Tulsee Das. Now I realise I am like the Brahmin, I have lots of things to live for and I am scared of dying. Guru Nanak Ji says 'I have no anxiety about dying, and no hope of living.' (p20). Why is Guru Nanak Ji so brave? Because he has full faith that Waheguru ji is looking after him 'SIREE RAAG, FIRST MEHL: I have no anxiety about dying, and no hope of living. You are the Cherisher of all beings; You keep the account of our breaths and morsels of food. You abide within the Gurmukh. As it pleases You, You decide our allotment. 1 ' (p20).

So in my ardas, 'Guru Granth Sahib Jee you have given your blessing like Tulsee Das gave to the Brahmin. Give me full faith in your Gurbanee Words like the SarPanch had full faith in what Tulsee Das said. Baba Ji may I follow your words 100% and if it kills me then I have faith Waheguru ji You yourself will catch me.'

And dear Khalsa Ji, when you die while alive and are caught by Waheguru ji then you will be called Jeevan Mukhat. While still alive you have obtained liberation. By dying to the Shabad one finds the True Life held in the arms of Waheguru ji.




Monday, July 21, 2008

TO AKJ annual July Smaagam

Vaheguruuu ji ka khalsa, Vaheguruuu ji ki fatehh

All recordings and pics were put up by sevadaars the week after the smaagam.

Now we put up some rare VIDEOS from the samaagam. They are now going up here:

More are still to be uploaded in the coming week along with videos from previous Atlanta Smaagam 08. They will also be posted up on google video.


Saturday, July 5, 2008

Nitnem w/ English Translations

Vaaheguruuu ji ka khalsa, Vaheguruu ji ki fatehhh


Click the above link for nitnem bani files in mp3 format, with line by line english translations!


Tuesday, June 24, 2008


(Message from WaterlooCAMP Sevadaars!)

Vaheguruuu ji ka khalsa, Vaaheguruuu ji ki fatehh

Waterloo Camp Youth Kirtan Darbar

Kitchener Gurughar Saahib

Sunday, June 29th
5pm - 10pm

Everyone is invited to join us for our Camp YKD on Sunday. Please bless us with your sangat!

(Please keep in mind, the kirtan will end around 10pm since campers/sevadaars need to be up next morning!)

Destination (Kitchener Gurughar):

From East (Toronto/Ottawa):
Take Hwy 401 WEST towards LONDON

Take exit # 278 onto HWY-8 WEST toward Kitchener – go 10.3mi

Take the TRUSSLER ROAD exit onto TRUSSLER RD. NORTH – go 1.2 mi

Turn LEFT on SNYDER'S RD E[RR-6] – go 1.0 mi

Gurdwara is on your RIGHT side, can not miss the entrance!

From West (London):

Take Hwy 401 EAST towards TORONTO

Take exit # 278B onto HWY-8 WEST toward Kitchener – go 10.3mi

Take the TRUSSLER ROAD exit onto TRUSSLER RD. NORTH – go 1.2 mi

Turn LEFT on SNYDER'S RD E[RR-6] – go 1.0 mi

Gurdwara is on your RIGHT side, can not miss the entrance!

The 3rd Annual Waterloo Sikh Youth Camp
will be held at
Kitchener Gurughar Saahib (2070 Snyder's Road East, Petersburg, Ontario).
The Camp is completely FREE !

If you can not attend the full 4 days with us, you are still encouraged to join us even for a day !
This Sikh Youth Camp has been designed to bring all the Youth together to share knowledge of Sikhi and to promote Sikhi to our young future !

Camp will be run by YOUTH from all over.
Working together we shall achieve an important element in Sikhi, which is Sangat. Including in Sangat, the youth will have inspiring role models who are enthusiastic about instilling the Sikhi spirit within these young minds.

If you have any more questions, please email us back.
For complete CAMP information visit

Vaheguruuu ji ka khalsa, Vaheguruuu ji ki fatehhh !

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Akhand Jaap TO - June 2008

Vaaheguruuu ji ka khalsa, Vaheguruuu ji ki fatehh

A wonderful loved filled night remembering guru saahibs shaaheedi purb.

Dhan Guru Arjun Dev Saahib Jee!!

Recordings: CLICK HERE

Vaheguruuu Vaheguruuuuu Vaheguruuuuuuuu !!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Sikhs will never forget June 1984‏

Vaheguruuu ji ka khalsa, Vaheguruuu ji ki fatehhh

The Indian army surrounded the Golden Temple complex and attacked without warning on June 3rd, a day that thousands of Sikhs were visiting the temple in memory of the Martyrdom anniversary of the fifth Sikh Guru, Guru Arjun Dev.

Another fact often ignored by writers is the simultaneous attack of 40 or so other Gurudwaras in Punjab as well . Were there armed terrorists who posed a major threat in each of these locations? Or was this the attempt of a majority community and its government to assert its authority, and send a message of brutal repression to those who advocated self-determination?

The government forbade news coverage of the army attacks, expelled all foreign journalists, cut phone lines across Punjab, and banned all international human rights organisations . A claim often made is that there was a massive store of weapons in the temple. A question that arises is how did they get there? Why did the government not take appropriate measures earlier, when the armed forces had been stationed outside the temple for months prior to the attack? Or was there no such massive store in the first place? Could it have been brought in by Indian intelligence after the attack?

The army attacked with helicopters and tanks but met with fanatical resistance and were not able to gain control of the shrine until June 6th. The army reduced the Akal Takht, the ultimate seat of temporal power in Sikhism, to rubble; they burned down the Sikh Reference Library, and looted the treasury . The hands of Sikhs were tied behind their backs with their turbans and were shot point-blank range . It is estimated that the number of dead ranged between 4000 to 8000 civilians along with about 500 militants .

Sikhs around the world were outraged to hear that their holiest shrine had been attacked. Regardless of if one believed in independent Khalistan before or not, everyone questioned the future that Sikhs could have in India. Sikhs in the Indian army rebelled, Sikhs in the government resigned, and Sikhs who had received honours and medals from the Indian government returned them .

... we must NOT forget what happened in 1984....... please attend sikhi programs that are organized every year in rememberence of those shaheeds of 1984 in your local area or gurdwara ... or organize a program ... we must NOT forget ...... Vaheguruuuuu...

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sri Dasam Granth Saahib

Vaaheguruu ji ka khalsa, Vaheguruu ji ki fatehhh

There have been many controversies with the Sri Dasam Granth Debate, in the following link you will find pro-vichhaar on Dasam Granth Saahib. Please take time to listen to the files by well known Sikh-Scholars !



Wednesday, May 28, 2008

“I hear revolution music”

“I hear revolution music”
By: Jasdeep Singh (TO)

I hear Horse hooves poundin
I hear Nagara’s soundin
I hear arrows deliverin
I hear tyrants quiverin
I hear kirpans blessin
I hear sinners confessin

I hear Jakara’s thundering
Gajj ke jakara gajavey fateh pavey Gur Kalgidhar Mann nu pavey nihal ho javey

I hear the percussion of prayer
I hear the Strings and bows and arrows
I hear soldiers marching in rows
I hear armies making inroads

I hear revolution music

Khalsa ji flank to the right
Khalsa ji flank to the left
I hear maestro’s orchestrating
If you don’t win this battle,
There won’t be nothing left

I hear revolution music

I hear beds being made
With petals on the floor
I hear candles being lit
With lovers by the door
Waiting for their lover to come home
and love’em some more

I hear the sound of Aurengzeb’s fear drenched sweat
I hear the sound of Massa Rangar’s thumpin head
I hear the Sound of Abdali’s running in the night
I hear the sound of Hindu bibian praying for a Knight
I hear the Sound of O’Dwyer getting cold
I hear the Sound of Nirankari baba’s never getting the chance to grow old

I hear “physical death I do not fear, but death of conscious is a sure death”
I hear Mrs. Ghandi breathing her last breath

True lions will defend when you start attackin ‘em
That’s why two lions put 7 bullets in mrs. Gandhi’s abdomen

I hear baby’s crying in mannu’s jails
I don’t hear any crying on the road to jaito

I hear British Trains stopping on slippery rails
I hear drunken elephants showing their tails

I hear Bhai Gurdas writing
I hear Bibi Amro Singing

I hear Bhag Kaur Mata Insulting
I hear Dalair Kaur hunting

I hear Baba Deep Singh Walking
I hear Both Halfs of Bhai Mati Das talking
I hear brick walls being built
I hear two sons laughing

I hear fortress doors being opened
I hear two sons walking out
I hear 4 pots being broken

I hear a badava being written
I hear a badava being torn

I hear my father’s bleeding feet
Bleeding from the thorns and the rocks
That he walked
That night in the jungle

I hear revolution music

I hear 960 million
And then…

I hear Tank treads poundin
I hear Nagara’s soundin
I hear bullets deliverin
I hear tyrants quivering
I still hear Kirpans blessin
I still hear sinners confessing

I hear Jakara’s thundering

Gajj ke jakara gajavey fateh pavey Gur Kalgidhar Mann nu pavey Nihal ho javey

I hear
Raj Karega Khalsa

vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh


Live Audio Recording: CLICK HERE and also hear other kavitas by others from Kavi-Kirtan Darbar at Pape Gurughar (TO) - CLICK HERE