Saturday, February 21, 2009



A true Sikh is a disciple of his Guru

With crown of turban on his head,

With sober face and shining eyes,

He is always calm and never red,

Among billions of men he stands aloof,

To homeless people, he provides roof.

He is an image of harmony and peace,

A hater of vice, evil and war,

A protector of the weak and needy,

His fame has spread near and far,

Terror of the tyrants, a support of the meek,

In his noble praise, we find no words to speak.

Against injustice he raises his voice,

For honour he is prepared to die,

Truth and courage are his weapons,

For selfish gain, he would not lie,

He is an enviable image of grace,

He upholds the dignity of his race.

He is a soldier, he is a saint,

Pure and spotless is his life,

He frightens none, and fears from none,

He is a lover of struggle and strife,

For meditation, he reserves his breath,

He is immune to life and death.

He is a defender of his Faith,

He cares a fig for worldly wealth,

He is an achiever par excellence,

A model of indefineable health,

He treats alike his friends and foes,

He stands like a rock in weal and woes.

If all the Sikhs emulate his role,

And evince their readiness for sacrifice,

They would restore their past glory,

When they cultivate virtue and shun vice,

Sikhism would then scale new height,

Darkness would vanish to pave way for Light.

(By Principal S.S. Prince)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sikhi Valentines Day

Valentines day is here, true love is in the air and my beloved is somewhere near. The colour of love, hearts of red, aroma of roses, sweet smiles and sweet nothings abound. This is picture perfect – will you experience this true love?

How many of us really experience this true love, which is so fabulously portrayed in Bollywood – with actors singing in the rain, snow and lush scenery. Our hearts, dreams and emotions yearn for this love of two souls becoming one.

The true sadness is many of us will die yearning and die trying, to find/realise this true love, or the ecstasy of true love. But if love is true – does it have a sell by date? Does it have a till death do us part? The simple answer is NO.

True love carries through this life and next – this is both in a spiritual and material sense. But the Guru & the spiritually gifted tell us to yearn for a love which is not transitory, in that we go after the Creator and not his Creation. Some of us may be happy to get engrossed in the creation whereas others would prefer to yearn for a love which is both fulfilling and saves us from the pain of transmigration. The choice is yours – we make our tomorrow.

But what are the traits of lovers? What are the limits of true love?

Love has its ups and downs, it tears and tantrums, but the pangs of separation of a lover and its tears can be life-changing and rejuvenating. Traits of a true lover are to be attentive to the needs of their lover – by being humble, forgiving/accepting and speaking sweet words to their beloved (Bhagat Fareed Jee, 1384 Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee).

Jealousy – is a characteristic that is both frowned upon and cherished by lovers, depending on the love and tendencies to control. The lover I have found though, is the most jealous lover and his love is both painful, tearful and challenging. My lover – the Creator of the Universe, my wonderful enlightener, Allah, Vaheguru, Hari – GOD, is the most jealous lover in the world. He wants me to break all my affections and attachments, all that is illusory and then I may one day realise the ocean of his love.

I walk this lonely path towards him – whilst knowing He is near, yet far, He can hear but I cannot see, but I enjoy the hide and seek. As I will keep seeking him and one day I shall find, then there will be no pangs of separation. Great souls before me, walked this earth and enjoyed and cherished him, the same beloved that I yearn – souls like Mata Kaula Jee (Kaulsar Sarovar in Golden Temple precinct) who left her hearth and home for the 6th Guru and died after being separated from Guru Jee at Kartarpur Sahib (near Jalandhar). Like Bhagat Fareed Jee who begged the crow not to poke his eyes out as he yearned to see the beloved Lord, after strict meditations his body had become like a skeleton and he was afraid the crow thought he was dead (see 1382 Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee).

I know who my true love is, my searching has ended and I hope that all that read this and celebrate Valentines also find true love. I celebrate valentines daily when I sing his praises.

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Friday, February 6, 2009

Don’t Feel Sorry For Me, I Am The Daughter Of A Shaheed

Don’t Feel Sorry For Me, I Am The Daughter Of A Shaheed

I am the daughter of a Shaheed

My dad was a proud Singh
One dark unfortunate night there was a knock on our door
It was a mob of angry people
They all attacked my daddy with sharp weapons
They set him on fire in front of my eyes
My dad is gone, he is a Shaheed
But not to worry, Guru Gobind Singh ji is my father
Don’t feel sorry for me, I am the daughter of a Shaheed

My mum was a proud Singhnee, she taught me sikhi
In broad daylight, she was abducted by the police
The same police that was created to protect us, took away my mummy
That was the last time saw her, no one knows where she is
Will she ever come back?
By not to worry, Mata sahib Kaur ji is my mother
Don’t feel sorry for me, I am the daughter of a Shaheed

My elder brother was a proud Singh
He was also kidnapped by the police, for being a Sikh
But my brother came back
In form of a Shaheed
His body was dumped in a ditch
His beautiful Dastaar and Bana were full of blood
I wiped blood from his face with my chuni
No one knows what they did to him
But not to worry, Singhs in the Khalsa Panth are my brothers
Don’t feel sorry for me, I am the daughter of a Shaheed

Those are my childhood memories, I have grown up now
I am a proud Sikh, just like my mum, dad and brother
I live in this place where they look after children of Shaheeds
I have been to school but cannot study further because it costs too much
I am at a marriageable age but which respectable amritdhari family will have me?
Will I ever have a family of my own where I can live happily ever after?
But not to worry, Guru Khalsa Panth is my family
Don’t feel sorry for me, I am the daughter of a Shaheed

Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Play your Part, Pray for the Panth