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My Jatha Is The Best :), I love my jatha

My Jatha Is The Best :), I love my Jatha
By: TejiKaur

I wanted to belong to one who I loved only then could I ever be whole

I wanted The one whose compassion instantly broke my anger to pieces

the one who melted my heart and made it smile over and over when Kaljug took its toll

whenever I was broken he was alway there to heal me as I went over lifes confusing bumps and creases

I longed to be his and dreamed of being his wife

I dreamed of hearing the unspoken speach of love and affection

I dreamed of making his tender sweetness my comfort in trouble and strife

I wanted to build my home in his perfect perfection day and night I would cherish the connection

finnaly the day came when I would join him in his permanant palace

I was to recieve the Amrit the necter of life and join my Lord

I was to be liberated from my bodys flaws no more anger, greed or ego-filled malice

And so my soul became elavated and ecstatic as I embraced the exilir of the double eged sword

For so long my heart was always his but now its official I thought

meanwhile day and night I enjoyed belonging to my wonderous husband

My heart was never lonely nor did my mind ever become distraught

How could ones spirit ever hurt when they have the power of Gods hand

But then would day I met someone who said my life was totally wrong

This was not the way to worship God he said that not how it goes

than he asked me how I do simran and said it was incorecct all along

and to follow his jatha cause only his jatha knows

So I listened about his jatha and my heart filled up with wonder and prem

I loved every bit of Bhai Randhir Singh jis messege and doctrine of jeeven

I followed the akj rehit in hapiness my burning soul peaceful and tame till another messenger came

and I allowed myself to get brainwashed again thinking my bumpy soul would leven

The Sikh He said give up Akj become a nihung

Akj is all about looking good they are pakhand not panthic at all

come on look at their Simran look how its sung

dont you wanna join the army of those strong as a mountain twice as tall

I listened to the teachings and they Vibrated inside

My heart longed to be a nihung but I still loved Akj

Regardless from that day onwards it was with the Gurus Laadli fauj I would abide

or so I thought Till once again a Sikh cane to show me the way once more my soul was to sway

I head the amazing love filled voice of the angels and listed to his Sakhis in awe

I saw God in the face of The Saint in all his glory and extol

Nanaksar Sahib made its place in my heart it was the only way I saw

But still I could not forget the way of life of the Nihungs or Akj from my soul

Than one day a Singh came from Damdami Taksal

He was so brave and so paka in rehit

I thought I would love to join Sant Jis Jatha this is my true call

I would be Taksali and that was that

Untill I heard the Chardi Kala Jatha play

And saw the faces of 3h0

Bibi Snatam Kaur just made my day

3ho was the way to go

I lived in Peace one day I woke to do my nitnem

My heart was wavering confused

I had forgotten the meaning of life and who I am

My soul was broken and confused

I loved the nihungs but akj too

3h0 had a place within me

I was bound to Nanaksar Sahib through and though

The Taksal experience could last eternity

So who do I follow where do I go

All of the Bhramgianis were right

So which jatha to join I don’t know

Their were so many differences but each Unparelled inspite

Do I eat meat or not

What color and style should I tie my dastaar

Such trivial matters but my mind still faught

From the truth I wandered far and far

I missed those days when it was me and my Guru

and I was just his period

The days where I would do Simran in the language of love and dwell on the One whose True

The days where I was free to dance how God moved me and be happy whatever he did

Suddenly it seemed so excruciatinly confusing

Nothing was right nor was it wrong

Hanging on by hopes famous last sting

I wondered where is it that I belong

Than I looked to the sky and remembered the day, the feeling, the monment the true belief

The reason I live, the inspirer of rehit, my Satguru my jaan and support

I remembered the one to who I belonged and who was their to share my trouble and grief

as I gave up all other colors My hear intuitively led my feet to his court

After roaming around I was home to my maharaj

And I asked Guru Ji for the answer

I folderd my hands and offered my body soul and laaj

And placed my faith in one who no obstacle could deter

As I prayed I felt it all it was all right their ahead

The source of all the necter, bliss, and power

The Guru to whom all great Saints bowed their head

The one who mended the broken and loved the meek and at the same time made the 5 sinners cower

Sitting there in Guru Jis Hazoori I found the one who filled the heart of Baba Nand Singh Ji

The one whose love inspires the Nihungs to fight save lakh se ik

The one whose bani enticed the mind of Sant Jarnail Singh Ji

The one who Bhai Randhir Singh ji called his sacha tek

The one who pulled 3ho on the path by sending wandering hearts his call

The source of all this greatness Amazingly Was always there sitting right in front of me

He was the ocean and the source of it all

All the saints came from Guru Granth Sahib Ji

The love was with all there in the bani of all the Gurus and so was the strength

Even though my dastar is not always gol I could still stand for justice like taksal

I could still do simran with each breath like Akj and wear a keski of any length

I could wear a chola like 3ho and fight to defend my kaum with the dal

I relized that this was the truth the teachings of the saints

They wanted Guru jis love thats it !They did not want a wakhree kaum

It doesn’t matter what one calls themself nor does dressing in various turban colors styles and taints

What is the use if you still havent found your home

The Saints are all one with the shabad all perfect and unflawed

And they all want us to follow that way as well

For it is love and compassion that lead to God

And pakhandi rituals pave the way to hell

So with the grace of the saints lets unite in the shelter of our true jatha

The Khalsa panth jathedhar Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharajjjjj

Lets give him our hearts our souls and let him give us the naam with his hand upon our matha

We are his He is ours and that’s the truth of the Khalsa Fauj

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