Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bibi Gurleen Kaur Ji (Mohali)

Gurleen Kaur expresses herself through the spiritual music of Gurbani Kirtan. She is a trained singer in Indian Classical Music and Gurbani Kirtan. Spiritual music, the Gurbani Kirtan is her forte. Gurleen is an accomplished singer of Gurbani and Gurbani Kirtan who sings in great depth in both Indian Classical Music and the popular Sangati Style Gurbani Kirtan in which all can sing along and experience it. Spiritual Singing of Gurbani Kirtan is the ultimate spiritual experience and spiritual expression for her.

She has performed Gurbani Kirtan for various voluntary organizations like Sikh Missionary College, Akhand Kirtani Jatha, Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle etc. She has been teaching Gurbani Kirtan as a Seva to a large number of students for last more than ten years. She also performs seva as an occasional teacher and examiner in the institutions run by a voluntary organization, Sikh Missionary College.


Live Kirtan recordings of bibi jee have been added to kirtan section here:

You can also visit her personal site at: http://www.gurleenkaur.com

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