Wednesday, March 11, 2009



With sunrise I awoke in this world. The sky was red and the air was sweet and warm. The flowers danced with the wind, and the birds sang in tune that day I was born.

My face was fresh and my soul was pure. I remembered heaven and my thousands of lives before. I smiled with joy for my chance of salvation had finally been procured.

I promised my lord I would remember him, I would serve him and teach them all. In ego I thought this lowly servant could save this world.

Slowly the sun rose, minutes became hours, hours turned to days. The flowers all blossoming and showering me with their sweet scent of primrose. In love for this world, I slowly forgot my lord.

At midday, you were watching over me from high in the sky. Your rays of truth shone bright, but I chose to hide in the shade. I sought the darkness, I never cared for your tears of rain. I didn’t need you anymore.

I found happiness in all of the rare diamonds and jewels in this earth. Yet I was never content and my body always hungered for more. Evening approached and I was now missing those youthful days.

The sun now faded, and it was night. The moon shone so bright. I stared at the stars contemplating all I had achieved in this life. I remembered that distant star that once was my guiding light. As the clock struck 12, I breathed my last and then I realised I had failed you my lord.

Vaheguru ji ka khalsa, Vaheguru ji ke fateh

By: malkeet ( user)

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