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By Harjit Singh Lakhan
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So you want to be a Sant-Sipahi (Saint-Warrior) , the perfect human being as created by Guru Gobind Singh Ji? You want to be a pure saint with light of WaheguruJi radiating from you day and night and you want to be a healthy, wealthy fighting fit warrior riding into all the battles of life with the sword of WaheguruJi's power held high and coming out victorious?


ARE YOU: Optimistic, enthusiastic and hopeful?

OR : Pessimistic, cynical and despairing?

The most obvious quality of a Sant-Sipahi is an attitude of optimism and enthusiasm. Sant-Sipahi understand the link between the mind and body.

The body and soul becomes what the mind thinks. Sant-Sipahi read the Guru's words and apply them to their life. Guru's words prophesise that we will become one with the Supreme Being, the Sant-Sipahi believes the True Guru and day by day the prophecy gets closer and closer to being fulfilled. They see themselves as a river that is winding its way towards the Ocean of Supreme Light and Bliss.

The person that doesn't believe in the Guru's words with all their heart and mind, normally has negative thoughts inside them. They expect something bad to happen, they suffer from fears and worries which turn into anxiety. Being distressed their body's hormones and antibodies change, the person becomes more prone to disease and accidents. It has been shown that stressful thinking can cause many minor ailments such as headaches, low back pain, ulcers and certain allergies.

The Saint-Soldier expects to be healthy and happy because they have the Guru's grace upon them.

Their feeling of well-being and energy is radiated by their body. They bloom like flowers for all to see. In their mind they are singing the songs of joy, the words of the Guru, they are praising all of Creation and repeat Waheguru ! Waheguru! They've learnt this from Guru Nanak Dev Ji. On his travels he came close to the abode of a sect of Hindu Saints. They felt threatened by yet another saint entering their town, so they sent Guru Nanak Ji a bowl full to the brim with milk. It symbolised the town was full of saints and there was no room for Guru Nanak. Guru Nanak was forever optimistic and placed a small yellow Jasmin flower to float on the milk. He sent this back to the saints - they understood Guru Nanak's message and that he wasn't there to displace them but to spread the divine fragrance amongst them.

Saint-Soldiers expect the best because they know GuruJi's grace is upon them. They have given mind, body and soul to the service of GuruJi and GuruJi will give them everything in return. This was taught to us by Guru Angad Dev Ji, he followed Guru Nanak Ji's love-filled words precisely and battled with his own thoughts, day by day he changed and grew spiritually until ultimately Guru Nanak Dev Ji joined his soul into the Supreme Soul from where we came.

Saint-Soldiers say: 'By the Guru's grace I was good today, and I'll be even better tomorrow'.

Ones lacking faith say: 'With my luck I was bound to fail'

? Am I optimistic about my life?
? Do I expect to be blessed with becoming one with WaheguruJi?
? Do I expect to be really healthy?
? When I have a setback do I take self-pity?
? Do I praise or criticise more often?


1. Wake up happy. Wake up early. Sing Waheguru! Wonderful God! Sing your favourite shabad in the shower. Sing your prayers in a happy way. In Ardas ask for GuruJi's blessings and the gift of singing God's praises in a positive way all day. Thank GuruJi because you know he is taking care of all your activities and removing all worldly and spiritual obstacles from your path. Look at yourself in the mirror and thank Guru Gobind Singh Ji for giving you the form of a complete human being with long uncut hair. Feel the Guru's divine hand over your forehead protecting you all day like an umbrella blocking the stormy rain.

2. Think positive thoughts during the day like, 'By Guru's Kirpa, Next time I'll do better', 'By Guru's Kirpa everything is going to work out just fine', 'I'm so blessed to have Guru Gobind Singh Ji as my father and the whole of the Khalsa as my family'.

3. Look for something good in all your personal relationships even in the most trying circumstances. See WaheguruJi inside everyone you deal with, so no matter how irritating they may be remember it is ultimately WaheguruJi that is inside them. So smile and think Wonderful WaheguruJi.

4. Look at problems as opportunities that are going to get you closer to GuruJi. To overcome the problem you're going to pray more sincerely and lean on GurujI for more support and not blame him for it.

5. Learn to stay relaxed and friendly no matter how stressed you are. Accept whatever God does is for your benefit and there's no point upsetting everyone around you. Look for something to praise. Be constructively helpful rather than critical. Lower your voice, breathe slowly and deeply, relax your muscles and respond calmly in the GurSikh way like Guru Amar Das Ji did when he was kicked by the jealous Datu. GuruJi massaged his foot and said, 'My hard bones must have hurt you'. Datu's anger was appeased. Return kindness for evil, not a tooth for a tooth.

6. Look after your health. Cure the curable, expect to get better you've got GuruJi on your side. Prevent what's preventable. Eat healthy and nutritional food, your body and mind are the Temple of WaheguruJi. One day Guru Nanak Dev Ji is going to place his divine light inside your temple so make sure it has strong and pure foundations. Make sure it has no junk food lying in the corners and no negative or dirty thoughts lingering in the shadows. That is why Guru Gobind Singh jee has taught us drinking, smoking, drugs are totally wrong for the Sant-Sipahi.

7. When talking about your health talk optimistically, when asked "how are you?" reply positively -'I'm feeling good, great', don't say 'not bad'. Guru Gobind Singh Ji said that when one Sikh is brave enough to fight against 125,000 then and only then can he justify being called Guru Gobind Singh. Be optimistic - be brave feel like you are healthy enough to battle against the whole of the crowd at the football stadium if need be.

8. Expect the best of others. Encourage them and praise them daily. Tell them your optimistic hopes for them. Guru Gobind Singh Ji expected the best from us that's why he named us Singh (Lion) and Kaur (Princess). So whenever we said our name we'd remember we are great people destined for great things. We are not dirty rats but mighty lions and we are not slave girls but royal princesses with honour and glory.

9. To stay optimistic associate with optimistic people. Meet with Sant-Sipahis and positive people from all walks of life.

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