Tuesday, April 8, 2008



I feel dizzy,
Memories flash through my mind
I think of everyone i ever loved
Everyone i ever hated
I wish i had told them i loved them
I wish God would give me another day,
Another hour
Just so i can tell them
I wish for another minute
I'm sorry! I try to yell,
But no sound escapes my lips
They can't hear me
Help me! I want to say
But it's no use
My sadness turns into anger,
Then reality hits me
I am going to die,
No one can hear me
I am all alone
I take a deep breath,
Maybe my last
I close my eyes and pray
That god
Would help me
I see a light,
So bright
So beautiful
Yet, It isnt blinding
It becomes brighter,
And comes closer,
My heart slows down
Beats one
Last time
My last breath escapes my lips

-The end
-by Late Bibi Rena Kaur Jee (1987-2004)

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