Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Kirtan Section Updates !!

Vaheguruu ji ka khalsa, Vaheguruu ji ki fatehh

Windsor Annual Akhand Keertan Raensbayaee - October 2007

Dixie Gurughar AKJ Keertan - In Memory of Bibi Joginder Kaur Jee

House Youth Keertans - Bh. Ajit Singhs, Bibi Sonia Kaurs, Bhai Jasdeep Singhs

Sadh Sangat Smaagam - Ottawa - Sept2007

Weekend Sangat Programs - A sangat dedicated to seva, that carry weekly programs every week (Sunday Morning/Evening) at different Gurdwaras or Residences. Many chardee kala gursikhs attend this sangat including Sant Seva Singh jee from India when he comes down here. Also Bibi Harjeet Kaur jee who has done seva at many smaagams. This section will be updated weekly guru jees kirpa naal.

Youth Keertan Darbars - we are currently in the process of putting up past YKD recordings since ontariosikhyouth.ca is now offline. We will also carry the seva for future YKD recordings until the site is back up or until guru saahib gives us this oppurtunity.
Other - any files that do not belong in any of the other section. We have added Bhai Tejdeep Singh Jees speech on how religion can protect the environment from this years World Religions Conference at University of Waterloo. Video is soon to come.
Audio: http://www.sikhvibes.com/kirtan/index.php?q=f&f=%2FOther%2FSpeeches
Pictures: http://www.sikhvibes.com/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=17

There are more updates, please keep checking back.

Vaheguruu ji ka khalsa, Vaheguruu ji ki fateh

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